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our biggest deal of the year🎉

Picture this: Your alarm goes off, you snoozed again. Your heart falls to the floor when you realize you overslept. You wonder, how am I going to get out of this house fast enough to make it to work on time?

You look in the mirror and take a huge sigh of relief. You forgot you don't even have to do your hair. It ALREADY looks amazing thanks to your extensions!

Our exclusive offer is designed to make this a reality, providing you with not just longer, thicker hair but a lifestyle upgrade.

If you haven't had a chance to secure your spot for the Black Friday Special, now is the time! Here's a quick recap of what you'll receive when you schedule your hair extension install for December or January:

The EXACT curling iron we use in the salon (valued at $160): Master our signature look in the comfort of your own home.

A PERSONALIZED styling session (valued at $55): Gain expert insights to effortlessly style your hair.

BONUS blowout appointment (valued at $60): Treat yourself to a relaxing session with a professional wash and style.

UPGRADED take-home hair care bag (valued at $200): Full-sized products to maintain your stunning look.

Plus, you'll automatically enter a drawing to win a Shark FlexStyle Air Styler (valued at $299.99) – the perfect addition to your styling arsenal.

By choosing Texture+Sage for your extensions, you're not just getting longer, more luxurious hair.

You're gaining:

Custom coloring of your hair extensions: Seamless integration for a natural look.

Seamless coloring of your hair: No more pre-appointment touch-up stress.

Reclaim your mornings: Enjoy more time for yourself and less time fussing with your hair.

Boost in confidence: Fall in love with the stunning reflection staring back at you.

Remember, this exclusive deal is limited to TEN lucky individuals this weekend only, and we want you to be one of them!

Secure your spot now by clicking the link below to schedule your consult call:

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Elevate your confidence and style with Texture+Sage's Black Friday Special. We're excited to join you on this transformative journey!

Here's what our guests are saying:

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