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Fall 2022 Hairstyle Trends

Need some help keeping your hair on trend? With the way things change all the time I totally know how hard it is to keep up! That is why I put together a few of my favorite hair trends for this fall to keep you in the loop!

Say goodbye to the middle part! Just like most of you I was just starting to get used to the middle part, but now we are transitioning back to side parts! Most models during fashion week were all featuring the side part so we can safely say they are back! Millennial's can we all just all take a big sigh of relief?

Believe it or not wet looks are here to stay and they just got more intense. Over the last year we have seen the sleek wet looking buns and ponies come to life. Now there is a twist! Quite a few brands during fashion week featured their models with sleek roots only. Leave it to the fashion world to make something we hate, like greasy roots, and turn them into a trend! Very interested to see how this style plays out and how it begins to be incorporated in more of our everyday style.

Remember those 90's updos with the pieces spiking out? Yep! They are back! This look would be so cute with a baggy tee and long sleeve combo! Definitely one of the trends I'm most excited to give a try this fall!

One of the simplest trends I seen on Chanel models were featuring pinned back bangs with a broach style pin. It looked effortless, elegant, and preppy! Perfect for more of the gossip girl aesthetic! This would look so cute with a matching blazer and skirt set!

Do you struggle to determine which styles would fit you? That's what we do best at Texture+Sage!

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