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How to relieve a dry + itchy scalp

Ever felt embarrassed seeing flakes at your scalp? Dry scalp is a common problem that can affect anyone. It's an itchy and flaky scalp that occurs when your sebaceous glands produce too little sebum, which is the oil produced by your skin. Wondering why this may be?

Dry scalp can be caused by many things, including:

Shampooing too often, which strips away natural oils in your scalp. This can make your hair look dull and break easily as well as causing dryness and itchiness on your head.

Hair products that contain silicones or other ingredients that coat the hair shafts. These products prevent moisture from penetrating into the hair follicles.

Sun exposure, which dries out your skin and hair follicles and makes them more susceptible to damage from heat styling tools such as blow dryers or curling irons.

Hot showers and baths, which remove natural oils from your skin and hair follicles.

Stress and anxiety, which can cause you to sweat more than usual — especially during sleep when you don't realize it — leading to an increase in oil production in order to compensate for the loss of moisture.

Looking to take control of your dandruff?

At Texture+Sage we offer the Awaken Scalp Facial. This service is perfect for giving your scalp a good detox and removing any build up you may be experiencing. Our favorite part is the minty cool feeling paired with our upgraded 10 minute scalp massage!

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