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What makes an extension method healthy?

When it comes to hand tied extensions, there are a lot of different methods. It's important to know that not all methods are the same and some methods can even be damaging! So what exactly determines what makes a hair extension method damaging? Two key factors of a healthy extension install is training and integrity.

If someone is offering extensions that they just taught themselves or learned from a video, your results may not be positive and consistent. Just taking a 1 day course on extensions is not enough to produce healthy results. It's about daily repetition and practice on mannequins and models with a solid foundation of education to build off of. At Texture+Sage we specialize in Natural Beaded Row extensions. This method has been around for 10+ years with extremely intense training. This training and commitment is what creates healthy results time and time again.

When it comes to extensions it's important to find a artist who values integrity. As an artist there are many points in the experience where integrity comes to play. Constantly evaluating every move to make a better experience. For example as an artist if the guest says something is uncomfortable I'm left with two options. Option 1 being I can fix what is uncomfortable and use it as a learning moment, or option 2 being blame the guest and pretend it's not happening. I don't know about you but i do not want to do business with someone who doesn't want to help me. It takes an artist with integrity to constantly choose to do better and learn from mistakes and sadly not every extension artist values integrity. For this reason, one of our salon core values is integrity.

Hand tied extensions are an investment and shouldn't be taken lightly. We are committed to always providing you with next level confidence through Natural Beaded Rows extensions while keeping your hair's health our main priority!

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