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Does going darker make your hair healthy?

Have you been thinking about going dark because you can't seem to keep your blonde hair healthy? It may sound like a good idea but in reality it isn't a quick fix. It can actually cause you more issues in the long run and here is why.

Often times blondes get fed up with the maintenance of being blonde and decide to go dark and quickly realize that requires maintenance as well. When you go from light to dark you have to keep in mind your hair will not hold color well and may take a few times of going dark to hold. Which if you weren't wanting to color your hair all the time to save the health of your hair that probably doesn't sound like the healthiest option.

At Texture+Sage we believe that blondes can be healthy. Here are a few things you can do to stay blonde while putting your hair's health first:

  1. Add a shadow root or lowlights- This will help your grow out look more seamless and intentional so you do not need to lighten your hair all the time.

  2. Extend your appointments- Instead of lightening your hair every 6 weeks aim for 8-10.

  3. Remove your split ends- They will only make it harder for you to achieve healthy hair if you do not remove them. They will continue to split up the hair shaft and snap off leaving you frustrated with all the damage.

  4. Use less heat- The more heat you use the more damage you will have. Opt for styles that are heatless like braid waves.

  5. Extensions- With NBR extensions you're able to give your hair a break while adding in brighter blonde pieces with your extensions. That way you feel blonder without actually lightening your hair. The extension hair acts as a blanket over your natural hair protecting it from day to day styling. Your curls last longer when wearing extensions so you will find you will be heat styling less than normal.

Whichever route you choose, try not to make any rash decisions. Going darker is a commitment and can be really challenging on your hair to remove if you change your mind.

Need a little help deciding what route you should take? We are here to help!

Click the link below to book with our team of experts today!

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