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Night time braid tutorial for long lasting beach waves

If you're like me you probably struggle with braiding your own hair. Braiding can feel complicated and can even push you to the point of frustration. That is why I created the easiest braiding tutorial using only two strands that will give you a similar look as French braids but way less complicated! I love wearing these braids before bedtime to help give my hair beachy waves. They help make my life so much easier, here's how I do it:

1.Brush your hair to ensure no tangles

2.Apply Davines Oi Oil to your mids and ends to keep your hair from being frizzy

3. Take a rat tail comb and put the metal part on your part line and draw a line with it straight down and back.

4.Seperate the two sides from each other

5. Take a strand of hair from the front at the top near your part with one hand, and with the other grab a strand that is directly next to it.

6.Twist those two pieces one time away from the face.

7. With one hand hold two of the strands ( keep them separate), and with the other hand slide your pointer finger directly under your last section you picked up.

8. Add that new section of hair to the strand of hair closest to you and twist.

9.Continue steps 7&8 as you work your way to the nape of the head.

10. Once you reach the nape split the hair into three strands (pro tip: keep the strands taught and hands close to the nape to ensure it's not super loose), two of them being the two you have been working with originally.

11. Then continue braiding down like a traditional three strand braid.

12. Sleep on braids for best results! When removing in the morning use oil again through mids and ends to ensure the hair isn't frizzy.

Want a more hands on lesson when it comes to styling your own hair?

At Texture+Sage we love helping our guests learn how to style their hair!

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