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5 tips to prevent extension damage

Have you wore hair extensions before and started noticing your natural hair actually getting worse?Extensions, while they can look amazing and give you the hair you've always wanted, they can also be damaging to your own strands if certain precautions are not taken. All extensions can cause damage if not taken care of properly at home, or even installed correctly in salon.

Here are our 5 tips for preventing extension damage:

-Oil your extension hair AND your natural hair. This is important to ensure that the extensions don't absorb your natural hair's oils leaving your hair feeling dull and dry. We recommend our guests to oil their extensions morning and night for ultimate moisture.

-Proper brushing will ensure you're not putting unnecessary tension on your scalp. When you rip through your hair with a brush without being gentle you will find your natural hair and the extension hair will shed or snap more.

-Never let your extensions fully air dry. It's essential to make sure you are blow drying the tops of your extensions fully dry that way there isn't unnecessary weight added to the scalp while the hair is wet. When our hair is wet it is at it's most fragile state.

-Do not scratch your scalp make sure you tap or pat because scratching can cause irritation spots that can actually turn into bald spots in extreme cases.

-Lastly make sure to goto a stylist who is devoted in their education with extensions. This is a really tedious service that shouldn't be taken lightly and deserves full attention. Not all methods require the same amount of training to be certified so make sure to do your research!

At Texture+Sage your hair's health is our top priority. We understand that extensions are an investment and believe our guests deserve only the highest quality when it comes to their hair.

Want to know more about what NBR extensions can do for you?

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