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Assisting opportunities at Texture+Sage

Are you a new stylist who is struggling with formulation, techniques and even building your clientele? Have you even thought assisting may not be for you because you like to actually be doing the hair? I get it, I've been there before. It can be so hard starting out as a hair stylist and many assisting opportunities don't actually allow you to get hands on, but the right assisting program will help you take your career farther faster!

At Texture+Sage our assisting program is unlike any near us. We truly believe the best way to learn as a stylist is to do! That is why our assistant program is fully hands on! Gone are the days where it's acceptable to have your assistant only hand you foils and watch you all day long. Our assistants are involved in every aspect of the service from consultation, photos, formulation, application, shampooing, stitching, and styling.

Our program is split into 3 phases of 13 weeks each. At each phase you have the ability to take guests of your own so once the program is complete you will already have a head start on building your books. Our salon prioritizes education. In the first phase we dive deep into every aspect of hair and really help you feel comfortable before we move forward. We hold bi-weekly in salon education for our entire team, as well as 1:1 coaching to help you reach your goals.

Our culture is very important to us at T+S, so we hire based upon our core values of integrity, empathy, positivity, and a growth mindset. We are looking to add like minded individuals to our team who have their Ohio cosmetology license, a positive attitude, flexible schedule, willingness to grow and a passion for hair color + extensions.

Sound like you?

Click the link below to apply!

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