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Best ways to switch up your blonde for fall

Are you a blonde with commitment issues with your color? There is no worse feeling than accidentally going too dark and regretting it as a blonde! We have seen it numerous times where a guest would want to go dark and then the next appointment want to go back light. When we go back and forth between the two it's extremely hard on our hair. That's how we found our favorite goto's for our fall blondes!

Here are some of our top tips for switching up your blonde this fall:

1.Switch up your tone- If your normally icy switch it up and go more golden sunny blonde. This switch alone can make you feel like you have a different look without making it hard to get you back to where you normally like to be.

2. Play around with soft fashion colors. Our favorite is rose gold or light pink, they typically fade pretty natural while giving you the option to go back once you're bored of it. Also these types of colors don't usually last long so if you were on the fence it's not a huge commitment.

3.Switch up your root, adding a root if done correctly can give you the change you're looking for but not adding a ton of commitment .

4. Adding lowlights can be a fun way to add depth and dimension to your blonde. We always advise adding lowlights in a lighter shade through blonde hair to ensure you don't feel too dark. Best part is we use Demi-permanent color so you don't have to commit.

We love change, but we also know at Texture+Sage that when it comes to changing a blonde we always need to think about the future appointments so we never stray too far from your end goal!

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