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Can extensions blend straight?

Have you decided extensions are not for you because you couldn't get them to blend when you tried to wear your hair straight? Many women who wear extensions feel like they have to wear their hair curled or their extensions won't blend. Most of the time it is not always because of the type of extension, however it can be down to the fact they are not custom colored to match.

If you are wanting to wear your extensions straight, then the key is making sure that the color is matched perfectly. Color matching alone with extensions is an art form. We have found that, with Natural Beaded Rows you have the freedom to wear your hair however you want without compromising the blend because we custom color the extension hair to match your hair!

How do we get that perfect color blend? Our proven process starts with a consultation call, this is where we get to know you + your hair a little better! This gives us an idea of what is achievable.

Next is where the fun begins, your hair day! This is where the customization comes to play. At Texture+Sage we keep a wide variety of extensions on hand and even take it a step further by custom coloring them to match you. During an installation we use anywhere from 4-7 different colors so your extensions mimic your natural hair. We also are sure to anticipate how they will fade so we can ensure your extensions blend the full 6-8 weeks.

Extensions don't have to be obvious, we are here to help.

Click the link below to learn more about what NBR can do for you!

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