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Can extensions help your hair grow?

If you want to grow your hair out, it can feel like a long process. You probably feel like you are following all the right steps, using all the right products and it still is taking forever to grow! You are not alone, many people fall into this category. With extensions you can get the look you have been dreaming about in an instant and all while growing your hair out in the process!

When it comes to growing your own hair out, there are so many different factors that can effect its growth. If you have a busy stressful lifestyle, hormones, illness, or even genetics that are not working in your favor it can take a toll on how quickly your hair grows. Natural Beaded Rows extensions are a great way to get the length you've always wanted without having to wait years for it to grow naturally.

NBR has minimal points of contact with your natural hair you don't have to stress over your hair getting damaged in the process. No glue, just beads and string! Many of our guests even find that after a few months their natural hair becomes healthier and for some even curlier because their hair finally had a break.

One of the best parts of wearing extensions as your grow out plan is that once you reach the length you have been dreaming of naturally, you are able to go back to wearing your natural hair without extensions!

Want to learn more about what NBR can do for you?

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