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Can you go lighter without damage?

Have you been thinking of going lighter but are afraid of all the damage that can come with it? If you have experienced damage in the past it can be traumatizing! While lightening your hair can dry it out, there are ways to do it gently so you experience little to no damage.

We get asked all the time, can you go lighter without damage?

The short answer is yes and no. There are ways we can prevent damage while lightening , however not every person is a good candidate for going lighter.

Some ways we prevent damage while lightening your hair at Texture+Sage are:

1.) We avoid overlapping lightened areas when possible, we use techniques while highlighting you that allow us to get detailed and not lighten previously lightened pieces. In turn your hair feels so much healthier!

2.)We try to lighten you with vitamins before reaching for lightener. We love using Malibu's to gently lighten our guests 1-2 levels without harsh chemicals. Many times build up on someones hair can make them appear darker and Malibu's remove that build up. In turn you feel lighter and softer than when you started!

3.)Low and slow is the way to go. We love using low volumes in our formulas which take longer to process. However, Low volumes process slower and lifts longer. Higher volumes process quick, and stops lifting any further fast. By using a lower volume we are able to give you the best chance of getting to your hair goals while being gentle and patient.

If you have been through a bad lightening experience it can be really hard to feel comfortable trusting someone new. We totally understand!

We are a session salon that believes in putting your hair's health first. That means it may take us sessions to get you to your end goal, but your hair will feel amazing throughout the process!

Want to experience the Texture+Sage difference?

Click the link below to book with us!

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