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Do hand tied extensions hurt?

Hand-tied extensions are a popular choice for women looking to add length and volume to their hair. When done correctly hand tied extensions should not hurt, although they can feel snug the first day or two. Not only do hand-tied extensions feel more comfortable than other forms of extensions - they also create a more natural look because they mimic the movement of natural hair.

The way hand-tied hair extensions are attached to your head make them much less damaging than other methods of application.

This method of application is also comfortable and causes no damage to the actual hair shaft. As such, hand-tied extensions can be worn for up to 8 weeks before needing to be removed and re-tightened by an expert technician.

However our clients are less concerned about the process and more excited about having the hair of their dreams! If there's one thing we hear over and over again it's "I can't live without it!" Our clients tell us about the confidence they get from their hair, the youthfulness they experience in the mirror, and the EASE of maintaining their hair!

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