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Extensions for FINE hair that add volume + length!

When it comes to fine hair, I know the struggle. I personally have experienced multiple extension methods and each time I felt like I must just not be a good candidate for hair extensions because my hair is so baby fine.

I never understood why it was so hard to blend, because I had fine hair it should be easy right?!


Fine hair can pose multiple challenges when it comes to extensions between the blend, keeping the hair healthy, comfort, and even being able to wear your hair up!

Natural Beaded Rows are amazing for fine hair! The entire experience is extremely customizable, so whether you want all the hair or you want it to feel like your hair just better we can do that! The placement is customized as well so we are truly able to keep everything seamless so you can wear your hair up without your extensions showing, be comfortable doing so, AND keep your hair healthy and growing at the same time!

My guests love seeing the progress in their before pictures seeing how much their hair grows over their journey!

Click the link to apply for your dream hair!

*All guests above are wearing minimum 2 rows!*

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