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How hard water may be affecting your hair

Does your hair feel like something isn't right? Maybe it feels waxy or even worse it could start looking discolored. These are all signs of mineral or product buildup on the hair. This can happen when you have hard water or use drugstore hair care. So what exactly is hard water and how do we fix our hair?

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. The minerals in hard water can build up in your hair and cause it to feel waxy or excessively knotty. It can also make your hair look like it has a copper-like cast to it. Hard water is caused by the presence of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in the water supply. If you live with hard water every day, it can lead to dry skin and hair as well as breakage because your hair isn’t getting enough moisture from the water itself. The good news is that there are ways to deal with this problem so you don’t have to worry about how it affects your hair health!

Our favorite way to remedy any issues that hard water has caused is with a Malibu treatment. This treatment uses vitamins to deep clean this buildup from your hair while leaving your hair renewed. We recommend if you have hard water at home to schedule a Malibu about once a month to maintain your hair and prevent any excess mineral buildup. Another hard water must have is a shower head filter. We recommend getting one that you can periodically change out the filter so you are able to replace them.

Whether you're experiencing hard water build up or product buildup, the Texture+Sage team is here to support you!

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