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How to make your pony tail thicker

Have you spent forever in front of the mirror getting frustrated and wanting to give up just trying to make your thin limp pony look right?

You've probably even said, "I'm not going!"

Your partner is annoyed that you're taking so long, which is only adding to the stress of your crappy hair.

I know this because I've experienced that frustration. My guess is you probably struggle with fine thin hair, like myself. Thin hair makes it difficult to create an attractive ponytail without help from products or extensions. Honestly, thin hair even falls flat even with the best products.

But here's the trick to make your ponytail thicker:

Get The Right Extensions.

With Natural Beaded Rows extensions you can wear your hair up or down without your extensions showing! Even better, Natural Beaded Rows adds fullness and length without any damage to your natural hair!

My Personal Experience With Natural Beaded Rows.

Before I experienced NBR my ponies would look thin, puny, and always seemed to make me look messy even when I put effort into them! Now my ponies are full and sassy, and have enough hair to give me something to work with if I choose to take my pony to the next level!

I finally have the freedom to wear my hair up and still look put together!

Know The Process.

When it comes to making the decision to get Natural Beaded Rows, you need to know the process. You need to know if it is right for you and what is required. So, here's what you can expect.

Step 1: It Starts With A Hair Extension Application

We will ask you a series of questions to make sure natural beaded rows are right for you. Not everyone is a good fit for this product, and we want to make sure you are ready and willing.

Step 2: The Consultation

A phone consultation will help you get to know us a little better, educate you about what to expect, and make sure we're a good fit. After all finding the right hair dresser is like finding the right life partner.

Step 3: The Experience

Now it is time to get excited! We are going to transform your hair. It takes a full day, but don't worry. We do our best to pamper you, and we even provide lunch.

Remember steps 1 and 2? We do that so step 3 is fun!

During your day at the salon we will go over everything one more time, refer back to the original consultation, color your hair, color the extensions, and start the natural beaded rows.

After we've worked on your extensions, we will cut, style, and blend to give you a natural look that will make your friends and family take pause. We are talking about next level confidence.

Ready to experience life changing hair?

Click the link to learn more!

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