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How we lighten hair safely at Texture

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

If you have experienced previous hair trauma with your hair being damaged it can be challenging to trust again. We know that you want to lighten your hair, but we also know that you want to keep it healthy. Your hair's health is not something we take lightly at Texture+Sage. Our goal is for your hair to get healthier and shiner with each visit.

One of our favorite ways to keep your hair safe is to not overlap previously lightened areas. By switching up the placement of your foil, you're protecting each section of hair from direct contact with the lightener. We even go as far as to weave out any dark pieces and only put lightener on those areas to ensure we aren't taking any risks. Another way we protect your hair in the lightening process is by kicking out your ends of each section. If your ends already look light we slide them over so they don't actually go inside of the foil and get lightener put on it.

Remember not every stylist outside of our salon has been taught to do this. This is not something they teach in hair school. These are advanced techniques that we use in our salon to ensure our guests keep coming back time and time again with healthy hair!

Want to experience the Texture+Sage difference?

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