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Our signature beach wave tutorial

Curling your hair by yourself can be hard! It gets confusing trying to figure out which direction the curling iron needs to go and then by the end of it you feel like you definitely messed something up because it doesn't look the way it did in the salon! We totally have been there before, and that is why we created a tutorial just for you!

One of the biggest keys to our signature beach wave is our curling iron. We use the Bio Ionic Extra Long Barrel in the size 1 inch. Not only is this curling iron way longer than normal irons which is great for long hair, but it also has temperature control settings along the side. It doesn't snag our hair either which is a major plus!

Next up you will need to use a heat protectant! Our absolute favorite heat protectant at Texture+Sage is Davines Melu Hair Shield! We spritz it all through our hair ( can be used wet or dry) and brush it through. No hair care routine is complete without a heat protectant!

From there we section the hair out into two sections just to stay neat and keep things less over whelming. When we begin curling we curl away from the face. If you have really short side layers around the face that never seem to hide you can curl just those pieces inward and then the rest of the hair outward and you will find that it really hides those pieces.

We start the curl closer to the root that way it adds extra body to the hair. Then we unwind just that first wave off, and wind back up let it sit for a second or two then wind and twist the curl off the curling iron while pulling in a downward direction to help keep the ends straighter.

Once you get to the bang area over direct the bangs forward before curling. This will help give a more curtain bang effect to your curls. Then take Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer and spray from the bottom upward. This helps add volume and piece out any curls so that they look more beachy. From there you brush out your curls to create a laid back wave. If you have finer hair that doesn't hold curl well you can skip the brush and use your fingers to finger comb out the waves and that will help hold this style longer for you.

Hopefully this tutorial helps, and remember it takes practice! Try it out and make sure to tag us, we can't wait to see what you create!

Want to more help creating the signature Texture+Sage beach wave?

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