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What makes extensions at T+S different?

Are you having trouble understanding which method of extensions would be the best fit for your fine hair? We totally know that feeling! With tons of options on the market today, it can be hard to decipher what it all actually means. At Texture+Sage we specialize in natural looking extensions that help your hair grow longer and stronger.

Something unique about our process is that we remove the extensions completely at each move up appointment. Why is this important? Traditional bead methods that incorporate hand tied hair educate stylists to "push up" each bead for a move up instead of fully removing them. Let's break down what this looks like.

At your very first appointment you start with let's say for example 30 hairs in a bead. Naturally, hair sheds 75-100 hairs a day. When you come in 8 weeks later for your move up you have hairs trapped in that bead that you have naturally shed. Once the artist moves that bead up it is now holding on to less hairs that you originally started with leaving more weight and stress left on the hair strand. In turn these types of methods leave guests feeling like their hair is never growing or continuing to get damaged. While yes it is faster to just "push up" beads, it's not the safest option especially if you have fine hair.

This is why at Texture+Sage we are dedicated to going the extra mile by fully removing your extensions each time. Our guests are coming back each appointment with hair that is getting longer and stronger!

Click the link to learn more about our extension experience!

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