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What makes extensions at T+S different? Part 2

Have you wore extensions in the past but it felt like they were noticeable?

There is no worse feeling than your extensions making you feel MORE insecure than when you started. I know what that is like I experienced it for many years and even began to believe that extensions wouldn't work for me.

Once I experienced how well extensions could blend when they were custom colored, my whole world was changed! I was finally able to have the hair of my dreams! I could wear my hair up and not worry about them showing! I could even go out in public with them without feeling like I had to wear a hat to help hide them just in case the wind blew! The best part yet everyone was shocked when I told them I was wearing extensions because they looked so natural! Win!

That is why at Texture+Sage we specialize in natural looking extensions that help your hair grow longer and stronger! We take pride in custom coloring all of our extension hair to match our guests hair to ensure they always have a seamless blend! At the beginning of the experience we talk about your hair currently and where you would like it to be. From there we take the extension hair to the back and begin custom coloring it so it looks more natural. Then once that is processing we come back out and color your natural hair so everything is refreshed and ready for your extension install!

If you are ready to experience next level confidence with natural looking extensions that help your hair grow longer and stronger click the link below to get started!

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1 Comment

Emily Hayes
Emily Hayes
May 30, 2023

Is it important to you that the hair extensions are of high quality?

For production we use natural Slavic hair and certified materials.

Contact us and get the best offer!

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