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Why is oil important for extensions?

All my guests are sent home with all the goodies they need to take care of their extensions, and one of those are my favorite hair oil Oi from Davines.

If you’re familiar with the hair world you’ve probably even dabbled with adding oils into your haircare routine, but never has it been as important as it is when wearing extensions.

Hand tied hair goes through many different processes before it even arrives to the salon, and then from there we custom color it to match your hair!

With all those different processes the hair is lacking that essential moisture that our natural hair has.

Our hair receives that oil directly from our scalp and when we brush our hair it brushes it further down the hair shaft. Basically our body does the work for us!

Now when we add the two together, extensions and our natural hair, it’s important we are using oil on not only our extensions but our natural hair as well and here is why!

The extension hair can actually suck some of that oil out of your natural hair, and in turn leave your natural feeling a little lack luster.

So to prevent that and to encourage healthy hair, adding oil to your hair and the extensions gives both the essential moisture it needs to grow healthy and strong!

I’m the type of person who needs to experience it for herself, so I have even tried to only oil my extensions and quickly found my natural hair becoming more fragile. Once I started oiling both I noticed my natural hair and the extensions flourishing and living their best life!

Are you ready to experience next level confidence?

Click the link to apply for your dream hair!

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